academic... "things"

here you can find all the info you might want to know about me as an "academic".

  i attended new york university where i studied physics and mathematics at the tandon school of engineering). here i fell in love with both math and physics, and in particular mathematical physics. i applied to, and intended to attend, grad school during the fall 2016 application season. upon recieving one acceptance letter, i decided to take a year to make sure it was for me.

  i am currently working with Professor Luciano Medina on Q-Balls and are writing a paper to be available on the arXiv soon (i hope), and probably later in a journal that you won't be able to afford...

  there are also a few random research topics i am working on at the moment that i expect will appear on the blog soon. mostly just some things i have been messing around with in python that actually generate some really cool behavior.

  if you are someone who is interested in thinking about things with me, please contact me! academia can sometimes be stuffy, and hard to penetrate, but we should try and break that down...