about me

my name is nate stemen and i like math, physics, and computer science (mostly in that order, but things deviate). i studied math and physics at nyu and recieved a bachelor of science in may 2017.

  since graduating i have been working on a variety of research projects you will soon be able to find on the blog. i have also established myself as a productive member of society by working at Overleaf as a software development intern. here i am working primarily on autocompletion of LaTeX.

  so far, my career has pointed mainly towards academia, but grad schools didn't seem to like me, so i'm taking some time to make sure i have things figured out. don't let this fool you, i am still passionately interested in research, math, and science. grad school is just a whole other world.

  if you've made it this far, i guess you want to know more about me. you might be thinking, "wow what a narcissist, his 'about me' page is so long because he thinks he is so interesting that people care to read about him". well i'm going to say no to that, simply because i always wanted to learn more about people who were active in things i was interested. very seldom do i come across someone with an internet presence who is involved heavily in math/physics/cs research and are younger than 30. even the people who do have an internet presence don't seem to share all that much besides perhaps a blog, and i get it. as corny as this is, i just am trying to be what i always wanted to find.